Hidalgo County Texas
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Network and Telecommunications
The IT Department is responsible for telecommunications services, including an Internet telephony system and cell phone consolidation plans for the entire County.  By utilizing the technological advancements of Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) telephony, and consolidating cell phone systems countywide, Hidalgo County saves money annually.

Cell Phones
Hidalgo County eliminated the use of individual cell phone plans with various carriers by streamlining a group contract with one provider. The IT Department handles billing, service, and maintenance for cell phone users of Hidalgo County.

IP Telephony System
Hidalgo County uses a state-of-the-art digital telephone system, which provides a powerful, countywide voice solution at a fraction of the cost of analog service. IT Department handles telephone installation, billing, service, and maintenance.

Information Security
The IT Department is responsible for protecting all County information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. IT Security Staff closely monitor network activity to safeguard the County’s information systems from intrusion.

Video Surveillance & Access Systems Control
The IT Department installs and maintains all Hidalgo County video surveillance systems.  In addition, the County uses access control systems to limit access to buildings and areas in an effort to maintain secure working environments.